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Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home

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Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home

Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating a Home

Decorating your home can be extremely exciting and overwhelming on one end while really scary and daunting on the other. When you are starting from scratch, you don’t possess enough knowledge and can end up committing mistakes that can make your home appear awkward, weird and unpleasing. Just like any other task, one needs to follow certain norms and tips to make our home look appealing and inviting.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with the comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts for decorating a home.

Do’s for Decorating a Home

We will now go through the list of Do’s when it comes to decorating a home:

1. Go for Neutral Paint Choices/Opt for Bold Shades: Consider incorporating both neutral and bold shades into your walls rather than using only neutral shades that will make the home look dull and monotonous. It is wise to use striking combinations to enrich the look, mood, and feel of the space.

2. Do use Mirrored Furniture: You can consider expanding the visual appeal of the space by placing body-length mirrors and leaning them against a wall. Be wise when it comes to positioning the mirrors to allow them to reflect natural light and create the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Do Mix and Match your Coffee and Side Tables: Consider incorporating different colors, styles, patterns, designs, and finishes when it comes to choosing the side and coffee tables. It is wise to blend different styles to enrich the visual appeal and aura of the space.

4. Do pick innovative flooring options: Consider enriching your space with wooden, laminate, stone or other trendy flooring and ditch the concrete floors. It is wise to create a statement by picking different textures, finishes, patterns, and colors when flooring every component of your space. This helps to add variety to the home while also enhancing its visual appeal.

5. Do use Wallpapers and Ceramic Tiles: Wallpapers and wall tiles add a modern touch to home while also enriching its look. Consider picking wallpapers and tiles in different patterns, styles, textures, and colors when decorating different areas of the home. It is wise to decorate some of the walls with wallpapers while using tiles and paint on the rest to create an inviting space.

6. Do Incorporate different lighting styles: Style up your home by incorporating different lighting forms including ambient lights, sconces, pendant lights, fixtures, chandeliers, task lights, table lamps, arc lighting, and floor lamps, etc rather than sticking to only a single lighting form that adds dullness to the space and depresses its look.

7. Do Draw the Eye Upward: Create a statement by ditching the conventional ceiling style and incorporating innovative ceiling designs that enrich the feel, look and mood of the space. Consider picking trendy and classy ceiling designs that make space look impressive while also creating the illusion of a bigger space.

8. Do Introduce Pops of Color to the Space: Consider brightening the space by using decorative accents such as centerpieces, flowers and plants, throws, whimsical lamps, patterned tablecloths, vases, vignettes, rugs, throw pillows, glassware, etc. that will add vitality and vibrancy to the space while also enriching its visual appeal.

9. Create a Focal Point: Consider styling your space by creating a focal point that will instantly draw viewer’s attention. From a dramatic hood in the kitchen to a fireplace to an impressive headboard in the bedroom to an inviting living room ceiling to a mantel and art piece in the living room, you have plenty of options when it comes to adding a focal point to the space to capture viewer’s interests.

10. Do Incorporate Built-Ins: Consider incorporating floating shelves and decorate them with impressive centerpieces, art pieces, flower vases, and accessories to enrich the visual appeal of the space.

11. Do Mix and Match Furniture Styles: Consider combining different styles, designs, patterns, colors, and finishes when picking up furniture for your home. Pick different styles when choosing sofas, stools, side tables, beds, nightstands, dining tables, dressers, bookshelves, etc and place the furniture effectively to enrich the look of your space.

12. Do Mix and Match Fabrics: It is wise to mix and match fabrics on sofa and armchairs such as pairing up a leather couch with velvet armchairs. You can consider using blanket and quilt patterns that match your bed sheet style. 

13. Do Draw the Eye Towards the Wall: Decorate your walls with impressive artworks, family photos, patterns of plates or anything else that enriches its visual appeal and captures the viewer’s attention. Select a statement piece that makes the house look inviting.

14. Do Mix and Match Gold and Silver Accents: Mixing gold and silver accents is one of the latest trends that serve to enrich the visual appeal of the space.

15. Do Mix and Match Dining Chairs: Consider styling your dining area by using the same chairs in different colors and fabrics or using different chairs of the same color. You can also consider creating a statement by using armchairs at the head of the table and pairing them with side chairs to fill the sides. 

Don’ts for Decorating Your Home

We will now go through the list of don’ts when it comes to decorating your home:

1. Don’t Overwhelm a Room with ‘Too Many’ Patterns: Choose your hero and make it the focal point of your room without incorporating ‘too many’ patterns into the room that can make the room appear depressing and damp. It is wise to use limited patterns and styles to add serenity and peace to the home.

2. Don’t Invest in Small Rugs: Don’t be frugal when it comes to size since small rugs will make your space appear smaller and will downplay its visual appeal. Instead, opt for optimal or large-sized sized rugs that will help divide and define rooms while instantly infusing texture and pattern.

3. Don’t Go Overboard with Bold Shades: Refrain from using ‘too many’ bold shades since they cause visual clutter and may conceal the finer details. Strike a color balance by using neutral tones to cut down the loudness of bold shades.

4. Don’t Clutter up the House: You must avoid cluttering up the house with ‘too many’ decors and accessories. Accessorize your house with a limited number of statement pieces rather than using accessories in every single corner of the house that will make the home look smaller and unpleasing.

5. Don’t Ignore Architectural Details: You must not leave out architectural details and consider incorporating molding and wainscoting to define and dress up the home. 

6. Don’t Mess with Fussy Window Treatments: You must avoid using fussy window treatments as a fabric that overwhelms with a pattern will draw attention to itself and away from a carefully planned room design. Consider opting simple treatments that filter the sun while also assuring privacy and blending with other furnishings.

7. Don’t Go Symmetrical with Everything: Using ‘too much’ symmetry can make a place look unpleasing and depressing. Consider striking a balance by arranging elements both symmetrically and asymmetrically to maintain the look of the space.

8. Don’t be afraid of Large-Scale Furniture: Consider creating a statement by incorporating a few large-size dramatic pieces such as painted, country style hutches, impressive artworks, fixtures, and chandeliers, etc that will help enhance the visual appeal of the space, attract viewer’s interest and achieve space savings.

9. Don’t Hang Curtains right above Windows: It is wise to hang the curtains and drapes as high as possible on the wall and as far and wide as possible to make your space appear taller and bigger. Hang the curtains in a way that they barely cover the first few inches of the window to make the home appear larger and wider.

10. Don’t Waste even an Inch of Space: Make sure not to waste even an inch of space by utilizing the space under the beds, installing floating shelves and hanging bookshelves on the walls, using the space above the cabinets for storing items. You can consider using decorative accents such as picture frames, bowls or plants for covering up the home above your cabinets. 

11. Don’t Overload the Space with Furniture: Avoid overwhelming the space with ‘too many’ furniture items that will only make the home look smaller while reducing its functionality and appeal.

12. Don’t Go for Conventional Art Pieces and Seating: Consider opting out-of-the-box art pieces and modular seating options and ditch the conventional pieces. 

13. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Different Patterns and Textures: Consider using a variety of patterns and textures when it comes to picking up bed linens, flooring, wall decor options, window treatments, accessories, etc. Picking different colors, patterns, designs, and textures help to add variety to space while enriching its visual appeal.

14. Don’t Underestimate what you can do with a Closet: Consider styling up your closet lining it with a trendy wallpaper, adding studs and framed photo to the back of the door. Consider decorating the drawers with washi tapes, stickers, and wallpapers to add a modern touch to the closet. 

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the list of Do’s and Don’ts for decorating your home.

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