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Why your Home should be Inspired by Your Wardrobe?

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Why your Home should be Inspired by Your Wardrobe?

Why your Home should be Inspired by Your Wardrobe?

Have you ever wondered using your wardrobe as a jumping off point for designing your home?. You must be surprised to know that you can use items from your closet to spark an interior design. Your wardrobe is definitely one of the most important spaces of your home and you can consider your wardrobe as a starting point for arriving at a striking home interior design.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best tips that will help you design home interiors inspired by your wardrobe.

Top Tips to Design Home Interiors Inspired by Your Wardrobe

Here is a list of tips that you can follow for designing home interiors inspired by your wardrobe:

  1. Pick a Paint Color Palette Inspired by your Closet: You can open your closet doors and look around for colors that you like the most. It is wise to look for colors that inspire and delight you the most. A great option for picking a color palette for painting your space is to incorporate the colors that delight you the most while picking outfits. Some people have more of vibrant colors in their closet while the closets of others may have only neutral shades. Painting your interiors with a color palette inspired by your wardrobe is a great way for arriving at home interiors that go well with your wardrobe. Consider painting your space with striking combinations such as cream and sea green or sky blue and yellow, etc. 
  1. Pick Lighting Options Inspired by your Closet: Your closet contains a variety of shades comprising vibrant colors like orange, yellow, red, purple, etc as well as neutral shades like white and gray. You can arrive at a lighting scheme inspired by your wardrobe by using lighting forms in different color combinations. Consider decorating your home with a combination of fixtures, table lamps, pendant lights, sculptural sconces, flush-mount lights, recessed lights and task lighting using different shades inspired by your wardrobe. Consider opting for leopard skin or zebra skin or floral pattern table lamps that will help add the wardrobe effect to your interiors. 
  1. Wardrobe-Inspired Tablecloths: You can create striking home interiors inspired by your wardrobe by picking animal skin tablecloths featuring leopard and zebra skin or polka dots or floral patterns. This is one of the best ways to design ‘wardrobe-inspired’ interiors. 
  1. Using ‘Wardrobe-Inspired’ Cushion Covers, Stool Covers and Dining Seat Covers: Consider designing ‘wardrobe-inspired’ home interiors by incorporating elements from your closet in your sofa cushion covers, stool seat covers, and dining seat covers. It is wise to opt for cushion covers, dining seat covers and stool covers featuring polka dots, zebra skin, and leopard skin patterns, floral patterns, geometric prints, animal featuring patterns, digital patterns, etc to arrive at home interiors that go well with your wardrobe. Further, you can consider opting for velvet and silk fabrics while picking cushion covers, stool covers and dining covers to make your home interiors go ‘wardrobe’ style. You can consider mixing different patterns while styling your sofa, dining chairs and stools. 
  2. Use ‘Wardrobe-Inspired’ Bed Sheets, Pillow Covers, Blankets, and Quilts: Incorporate the ‘wardrobe effect’ to your interiors by picking bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets and quilts featuring different patterns. You can consider picking bed sheets in delightful colors featuring animal skin, floral patterns, digital patterns, polka dots, etc in velvet, cotton and silk fabrics. Similarly, you can pick the colors that you love wearing and start pulling them in with throw blankets, throw pillows, quilts, etc. Consider opting patterned quilts, cushion covers featuring animal skin or floral patterns or polka dots, patterned blankets, etc to make your interiors go the wardrobe style.
  3. Use ‘Wardrobe-Inspired’ Centerpieces, Vases and Accessories: Consider adding the color spectrum you love to wear to your home interiors by picking flower vases, centerpieces, and accessories featuring floral patterns, digital patterns, etc. Create a contrasting hue by choosing centerpieces, vases, and accessories in vibrant and contrasting colors to add a striking effect to your space. Efficiently positioning the vases, centerpieces, and accessories is also important to make the home interiors go ‘wardrobe-style’. 
  1. Using ‘Wardrobe-Inspired’ Wallpapers: Wallpapers are a great way of adding a modern touch to a home and you can make your home interiors go the ‘wardrobe-style’ by decorating your walls with stylish and trendy wallpapers in different colors, patterns, and textures. Consider picking wallpapers featuring polka dots, animal skin prints, floral prints, digital prints, geometric prints, texture prints, etc and decorate your space walls with a combination of these to allow your home interiors go the ‘wardrobe-style’. 
  1. Opt for ‘Wardrobe-Inspired’ Headboards: Headboards hold the potential to completely transform the look of bedrooms and it is wise to incorporate the ‘wardrobe-style’ into the headboard to create a statement furniture piece. You can pick colors that delight you the most in outfits and use them to design a customized headboard. Consider picking rustic and neutral color combinations for headboard design or create a statement piece by opting bold and deep hues. Create a statement headboard by picking styles including sophisticated geometric patterns, striped patterns, hanging a rug on the wall as a headboard alternative, using fabric-panel headboards, patterned screens or room dividers as headboards, etc. This is a great way to make your home interiors go the ‘wardrobe-style’. 
  1. Wardrobe-Inspired Flooring: You can make the home flooring go ‘wardrobe-style’ by placing carpets and rugs in different colors and patterns. Consider opting carpets with digital prints, animal skin prints, floral prints, sophisticated geometric patterns, etc. Further, you can add the ‘wardrobe-effect’ to the flooring by using ceramic tiles and stone inlays featuring geometric prints, digital prints, floral prints, polka prints, etc. Incorporate ceramic tiles and stone flooring in bold colors and sophisticated patterns to add a modern touch to your homes. Consider using different patterned stone flooring and tiles in different areas of the home such as kitchen, bedroom, living rooms, and bathrooms to add variety to the interiors and enhance the look and feel of your home. It is wise to choose stone flooring and tiles in both bright and neutral shades to create a striking combination. 

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips that will help you create home interiors inspired by your wardrobe.

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