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How lighting can change the look of your home?

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How lighting can change the look of your home?

How lighting can change the look of your home?

Ask any interior designer about the single most important design element for any space and they will quote ‘lighting’. Yes, the choice of lighting greatly impacts the look and feel of your home. Small variations in lighting arrangements bring all the difference in making your home more comfortable and inviting. There’s no doubt to the fact that the easiest way to ‘set the mood’ and add vitality and life to your space is to change the lighting. Well-executed lighting by way of fixtures, dimmers, LED lights, sconces, etc can turn dim spaces into bold while enhancing the ambiance and mood of the space.

There’s no wonder to the fact that the choice of lighting also impacts your energy levels and even how the colors of your home appear, therefore, it is vital to invest some thought into your space’s lighting setup.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you will some of the best lighting options to decorate your space and some of the tips that will help you enhance lighting setup in your space.

Best Lighting Options and Styles for Perfect Home Decor

We will now go through some of the best lighting options for adding vitality and life to your spaces:

Ambient Lighting: This is the most common form of lighting that provides a general wash and uniform and even illumination to the entire space. Its’ most common use is in the form of the ceiling or recessed lights that project straight down. Ambient or recessed lights help to add an overall glow to space, however, are generally used in conjunction with smaller accent pieces to maintain control over light levels. Ambient lighting is more about overall space illumination and is mainly used for functions. 

Task Lighting: This lighting option serves particularly useful when performing specific tasks since they direct the flow of light onto specific portions of the space. Task lighting options are particularly useful for kitchens and bathrooms and other spaces. Task lighting comes in a diverse range of styles and finishes which makes it easier to select a style that works for your space. Living rooms and bedrooms can be lit up with stylish table lamps and floor lamps. Similarly, pendant and under-cabinet task lighting can be used to lit up kitchens.

Accent Lighting: Accent lights serve as the single best option to make your space shine and showcase specific objects such as art, sculptures, and bookcases. Accent lighting represents any lighting form that either accent a specific portion. This form of lighting is utilized to draw attention to a specific portion that you wish to highlight or showcase.

Best Lighting Tips for Perfect Room Decor

We will now list some of the best lighting tips that will help add solace, vitality, and vigor to your space and will also help boost the ambiance and mood of your space.

Use a Mix of Lighting Options: A good lighting scheme for space is achieved through the use of a diverse range of lighting options placed at different points in the room to boost the elegance and visual appeal of the space. A successful lighting plan uses a combination of a diverse range of light sources at different levels of the room. While developing a lighting plan for your space, consider the size and ceiling height of your space. Broaden your lighting options by mixing different sizes and types of lights to create an ambiance that will transform the entire look and mood of your space.

Use Layers: Using layers is highly vital to improve the ambiance, look and feel of your spaceLayering lights involves using a mix of small and large lights such as candles, lanterns, table lamps and detailed lighting in conjunction with your main source of lighting. You can consider adding some color in with the smaller light sources to create a visually captivating space and can be a little creative with the placement of the smaller lights to add the extra ambiance and feel to your space.

Consider Lighting Up Small Spaces: Make it a point to consider small spaces when looking to enhance the lighting setup of your home. This will involve lighting up small spaces such as under the cabinets, corners that appear dark, pantry and closets, etc. Lighting up these spaces will help to add functionality, beauty, and elegance to the cornered spaces. 

Go for Sculptural Sconces: You can opt for a colorful of sculptural sconces to add modernity and boldness to your space. They are highly effective for small spaces and help add interest in empty walls. They have the major benefit of being adjustable that allows the user to illuminate specific portions of the space. 

Go for Multiple Statement Fixtures: You can consider hanging simple multiple fixtures throughout the room in a grid fashion to add elegance and modern touch to space. There is a diverse range of options when it comes to fixtures ranging from paper lanterns to pendant lights that serve effectively in adding boldness to space. 

Ceiling Accent: You can opt for lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling to accentuate the architectural details of the ceiling and add aura and elegance to the sophisticated space. 

Consider Arc Lighting: You can opt for arc floor lamps to add modern tone and boldness to your space. The main benefit associated with arc floor lamps is that they help illuminate a specific portion of the space such as dining area without hard-wiring a thing overhead.

Built-In Accent: A great way to showcase specific portions of the space and create a bright and eye-grabbing wall is to add accent lights to built-in shelves to add elegance and draw attention from the guests. 

Use a Mix of Lamps: You can opt for using a variety of lamp options to add visual appeal and modern touch to your space. You can go for matching table lamps on side tables or use a combination of table and floor lamps to add a tone of balance and visual appeal to space.

Consider Dimmers: Consider using dimmer switches to allow you control the brightness of bulbs. The major benefit associated with them is that are available in both contemporary and traditional forms that help you customize the look of your space. 

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the best lighting options and lighting tips for achieving a perfect room decor.

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