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How to Decorate Your Home?

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How to Decorate Your Home?

How to Decorate Your Home?

Everyone dreams of living in a beautiful space. While a new home is a blank canvas, yet one has the opportunity to transform each room into a personality-filled space that appears adorable, aesthetic and practical space.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best home decor tips that will help you add aesthetics and elegance to space.

Top 15 Decor Tips for a Perfect Home Decor

We will now bring forth the list of the top home decor tips that you can utilize for making your home appear inviting and beautiful.

  1. Wisely pick the Wall Decor and Flooring: Gone are the days when one had limited options when it comes to picking wall decor and flooring options. There are plenty of options these days for wall decor and flooring including ceramic tiles, wallpapers, stone flooring, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, granite flooring, linoleum flooring, etc. Consider picking wallpapers and ceramic tiles in different patterns, textures, and colors for decorating each component of the home. This will help to add variety and freshness to the home. Further, using different styles, colors, and patterns of flooring in different areas of the home is another way of adding freshness, elegance, and beauty to space. Another option is to use wallpapers and ceramic tiles in only certain portions of the space while sticking to painting the walls for the rest of the space. Pick different shades when it comes to painting the walls to make your space look impressive. 
  1. Be Innovative when it comes to picking the furniture: Furniture is one of the important elements when it comes to decorating your home. Consider opting furniture in diverse styles, patterns, and colors to make your home appear inviting. You must look for innovative designs and styles when it comes to picking sofas, side tables, beds, nightstands, dining tables, dressers, desks, coffee tables, bookshelves, coffee tables, chairs, entertainment consoles, console tables, etc. Further, proper placement of the furniture is also vital to enhance the overall look, feel and appearance of the space. Further, you must avoid overcrowding the space with too much furniture and invest in a fewer yet statement pieces to delight up space. 
  1. Be Innovative with Ceiling Design: Ceiling is one of the elements that works miraculously for transforming a space into an inviting one. Consider experimenting with the ceiling by picking innovative designs like stained plywood slat ceiling, tongue and groove slat ceiling, herringbone wooden ceiling, wallpapered ceiling, silver leaf or gold leaf ceiling, lattice design ceiling, tray style ceiling, bold stenciled ceiling, painted ceiling border designs, metal ceiling, etc. Never be afraid to opt for out-of-the-box ceiling designs since they add classy and impressive appeal to space. 
  1. Layer your Lighting: Lighting holds the greatest potential for transforming a space into an aesthetic and pleasing one. Picking up different lighting styles helps to add dimension to space and boosts up its look and feel. Consider incorporating ambient, accent and task lighting in different colors and patterns to boost up the mood of the space. You can consider incorporating fixtures, pendant lights, sconces, under-cabinet lighting, floor lamps, table and bedside lamps, chandeliers, etc to boost up the mood and look of the space. Placement of the lighting at the correct positions is highly vital to enriching the mood and feel of the space. 
  1. Use a Statement Rug: Consider styling your home with a statement rug that will serve to enrich the look and feel of your home. It is wise to pair up a patterned rug with similarly hued-pillows to add elegance and style to space. 
  1. Create a Statement Wall: One of the unique ways of styling your home is to create a statement wall by placing plates on the wall that creates the same impression as that achieved with a big piece of art. 
  1. Display a Collection: One of the best ways to create a statement is to display porcelains, a mix of statement glassware including wine glasses that will help to add a pop of color to space. 
  1. Magnify with Mirrors: Consider adding depth and dimension to space by leaning a body-length mirror against a wall. Using large size mirrors helps to visually expand the space and act as additional windows that can be positioned up to reflect natural light into the room. It is also wise to use mirrored panels to add a commercial look to space. 
  1. Opt for Classy Curtains: Style up your space with classy and trendy curtains in bold patterns, styles, and shades and ditch the heavy fabric curtains. Consider opting gauzy curtains while making sure that the panels go all the way to the floor to allow natural light to creep in. 
  1. Use Trendy Artworks: Consider incorporating classy and trendy artworks into the space that inspire and delight you the most. It is wise to opt to create a statement with a few pieces rather than overcrowding the space by using them all around. 
  1. Mix Instead of Matching your Tableware: Consider adding variety to your tableware by mixing beautiful sets of antique china and silver flatware rather than using matching tableware that may add dullness to space. 
  1. Mix and Match Your Chairs: Create a statement with different colored dining chairs that will help add visual appeal, innovation, and casual feel to space. 
  1. Create a Focal Point: Consider incorporating style into space by creating a focal point. Choose your star and make it the focal point to attract viewer’s attention. You can add a focal point by using elements such as a mantel and art piece in the living room or a headboard in your bedroom or a dramatic hood in the kitchen or a fireplace and lighting effect to enhance the visual appeal of the space and make the home look impressive. 
  1. Create an Impression with Floating Shelves: Add a modern touch to space by incorporating floating shelves that will help enhance the visual appeal while also ensuring space savings. Consider decorating them with statement centerpieces, flowerpots, accessories and lamps to enrich the look of the space. 
  1. Opt Trendy Cabinet Hardware: Create a statement by opting trendy and classy cabinet hardware that will give your home a complete makeover. You can consider combining different options to give your space a pleasing and impressive look. 
  1. Impressive Tablecloths: Consider styling your space with patterned tablecloths that instantly enrich the look and feel of the space.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips for decorating your home.

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