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How to Design a Bedroom – Top 15 Tips

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How to Design a Bedroom – Top 15 Tips

How to Design a Bedroom – Top 15 Tips

The bedroom is one of the favorites and most-occupied space of the home and serves as a haven that is conducive to relaxation, comfort, and rejuvenation. The bedroom is one of the most overlooked spaces of the house and you must plan a variety of aspects such as furnishings, textures, flooring, furniture, lighting and color combinations to arrive at efficient and practical bedroom designs. An efficient, modern and practical bedroom design must incorporate the elements of aesthetics and functionality.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best tips for arriving at an efficient, aesthetic and practical bedroom design.

Top 15 Tips Bedroom Design Ideas

We will now familiarize you with the Top 15 bedroom design ideas that you can utilize for decorating your bedroom:

  1. Decorate your Room with Wallpapers: Using a wallpaper is one of the modern bedroom design ideas that adds aesthetics to the bedroom. It is wise to choose one wall to be the focal point of your room and add a wallpaper to make the room aesthetic yet practical. Adding a wallpaper to the wall behind the bed is a great option since it highlights the bed and provides it a more majestic look. It is wise to complete the look by adding some fun accessories in matching colors to the wallpaper.
  2. Pick Light and Bright Colors/Pick a Comforting Color Palette: Dark colors add negative energy to the bedroom and make the room look depressing. It is wise to opt for light and bright colors since they add vibrancy, vitality, life, positivity and boost up the look and feel of the bedroom. You can either opt for a single color on all walls or add visual appeal to the bedroom by opting for a striking combination. 
  1. Skip the Bulky Bed Frame: You must save a few inches of extra space by parting ways with a footboard-style bed frame and opting for a simple modern headboard to complete the look of your bed. Alternatively, it is wise to opt for a Hollywood-style frame that adds support to the bottom of the bed and does not extend beyond the perimeter of the mattress. 
  1. Create a Custom Headboard/Opt for Weathered Wood: You can consider adding a wooden paneling to the wall behind the bed to create a custom headboard in case you have a platform bed. You can pair it up with bold linens and nightstands vertically above the bed to complete the look. It is wise to either extend the headboard to the full height of the wall or stop it part way up. 
  1. Magnify with Mirrors: You can visually expand a small bedroom by leaning a body-length mirror against a wall that will add depth and dimension to the room. They act like additional windows and can be positioned to reflect natural light into the room. You can consider hanging numerous small mirrors in a group or opt for a large mirror to create the illusion of a bigger room. 
  1. Achieve Space Savings by Opting for Storage Under the Bed: You can consider opting for beds with drawers underneath to save every inch of wasted space. It is wise to consider using decorative bins, large woven baskets, rolling drawers and antique dough bowls for creating an easy to use storage space under the bed. 
  1. Use Interesting Lighting Options: A bedroom with just one overhead light appears highly frustrating. You can consider adding dimmers, bedside table lamps, ambient and accent lighting such as multiple fixtures to enhance the look and feel of the room and boost up the mood of the room. 
  1. Create a Seating Area/Add Hotel Details to the Room: It is wise to pick some great furnishing tricks from hotel rooms. You can add a seating space to your bedroom by adding a pair of impressive and comforting upholstered chairs or a couch in one corner of your room that serves as a great place for reading, relaxing and working on your laptop while leaving the tech out of your bed. 
  1. Experiment with Flooring: You can be innovative when it comes to flooring your bedroom. It is wise to consider any modern flooring option to enhance the look of your bedroom. Laminate flooring, wooden flooring, ceramic tile and stone flooring are some of the great options for replacing traditional concrete flooring. 
  1. Opt for Floating Shelves: You can add the modern tone to your space by incorporating floating shelves that enrich the look of the space while also facilitating space savings. Floating shelves add a cleaner, unique and beautiful look to the room, act as a replacement for nightstands and can be utilized for keeping small accessories. 
  1. Experiment with Storage: You can consider opting a single oversized shelving unit that will serve to add functionality and elegance to space while also providing space for displaying the objects you love. 
  1. Switch up Nightstands: Add the modern tone to your bedroom replacing nightstands with side tables. You can consider framing your bed with a set of impressive and sculptural side tables to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. Consider opting side tables that are at least as high as your mattress and add a pair of tall decorative lamps to enhance its visual appeal. 
  1. Artwork Your Adore: It is unreasonable to go overboard with art in your bedroom and you can consider opting a single statement piece that delights and inspires you time and again. 
  1. Floral Arrangements: You can consider adding a special touch to your bedroom by incorporating floral patterns on your bedroom walls, nightstand or windowsill that will serve to add a lush of greenery while also making the bedroom appear extravagant and beautiful. 
  1. Experiment with Ceiling: Exposed ceiling beams add a rough and rustic look to space. You can consider showcasing them by keeping furnishings and walls neutral. You can consider opting for rustic furnishings or French-country style to add a modern tone and feel to your bedroom. 

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with the best bedroom design ideas for a perfect room decor.

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