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Things to remember while buying furniture for your home

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Things to remember while buying furniture for your home

Things to remember while buying furniture for your home

Buying furniture for your home a really difficult task to accomplish. Buying furniture is the next hard task to perform after selecting the color theme of your house. Nowadays, while buying furniture it is not guaranteed that product you are buying is worth the price you are paying for it. Sometimes, the sellers are not honest about their products and charge way above the real cost of the product.  To make sure you are not overpaying for a particular piece of furniture, you should have the right knowledge and ask relevant questions accordingly.  The foremost thing to remember is the comfort. Is the product comfortable or not?  Other things that need to be remembered are like the color, material, size, the theme, the price etc.

Let us discuss one by one the above points that need to remember while buying a new piece of furniture for your home:


This is one of the most import things to be remembered that the size of the furniture is not a way to big or small then the room or the hall in which we are going to place it. For example, if you buy a furniture that is big and the size of the room is small then our movement will be restricted. So in order to buy the furniture, make a smart choice about the sizes of furniture you are buying so it becomes a perfect fit for your room or any other place you are going to place it.


Talking about comfort, we have to consider the principle points that is: cushioning, tailoring, framing, spring system.


Talking about cushioning the more is the material heavy, the better it is. The heavier the weight the more is the quality.


If the frame is of hardwood, make sure it has undergone the kiln-drying. Kiln drying is the process in which the moisture particles are removed from the timber or wood before it is used. So by this way, the furniture will last for more time despite the changing humidity with the change in weather condition. It will prevent the wood from swelling, weakening and cracking.


When it comes to comfort it is equally important to check if the fabric of the sofa is well tailored or not. If the sofa is printed the pattern should be same on the front as well as on the sides. Also, check if the stitching is even. If the sofa is expensive, check if the fabric is covering the front as well as the back panel. Also, check if there is a stitching in the center of the sofa back. These are some of the points to be remembered while it comes to the tailoring part.


Talking about the spring that runs in a sofa, it should be of the S-type springs that are the standards. Also, the spring should run from the front to the back of the sofa. Also, you should be able to feel the springs when you push down the sofa.

Above are some of the key points that should be remembered while it comes to the comfort.

Quality of the material

If you are buying a leather stuff, you should listen to the seller first and carefully check if the seller is saying it is like leather, it is leather or it is not leather. So these are three totally different statements so remember to listen to the words of the seller properly.

Also, remember to ask if the leather is top-grain or not. If the leather is top grained it means it is more reliable and will not be torn easily as top-grain is the highest quality when it comes to the leather. If the leather is not top- grain it means that there are the chances of it to get torn and spoiled with time and should be kept away from the sun and they need to be moisturized from time to time.


If you are buying a piece of material that is having drawers in it check if the drawers are not tilted or in an inclined position. Also do not forget to check the drawer material, by taking out the uppermost drawer and if the material is rough, it is the time to stop yourself from buying it as the material is cheap. To check if the drawers are really of the good quality check if there is a dust panel provided which will not allow you to see from one drawer to another also will avoid the migration of the dust in the drawers. Also, do not forget to check the corners of the drawers and do not forget to check the veneering that is done on the surface. Veneering is the art of decoration at the top of the hard material that is, plywood.

Remember to ask for the warranty on the furniture you are buying

Talking about the warranty, the expensive furniture has four to five years of warranty of the cushions and the springs. Also if the furniture is made of very soft material like the velvet, the warranty is mostly on the frame. Basically, the warranty is minimum of one year on the wooden furniture you buy and it is mostly applicable if the furniture is cracked or broken within the one year of the time period.

Cost is one of the major points to remember

It not always the case the more expensive the thing is the more is its quality. So remember to consider all the points I have discussed above and chosen your furniture wisely and in your budget. I don’t say that look does not matter, it does matters but check the quality first and then invest your money.  As there is an old saying that the money is not grown on trees so better choose wisely.

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