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How to Transform a Home without New Furniture

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How to Transform a Home without New Furniture

How to Transform a Home without New Furniture

Everyone craves the creature comforts of a cozy, well-designed home. Time and again, we look to update our homes by drawing in major renovations. However, renovation comes at an immense cost and you cannot consider throwing out your old furniture every time you go for home renovation. It may seem astounding, yet, it is possible to transform your home without the budget for a brand new furniture.

Through this blog, we will familiarize you with some of the best tips that will serve to transform your home with bringing in new furniture.

Top Tips for Transforming your Home Without New Furniture

Here is a list of the top tips that will help you transform your home without bringing in new furniture:

  1. Update Drawer Pulls, Knobs and Door Handles: One of the easiest and inexpensive ways of transforming the look of your home is updating cabinets and drawer pulls and door knobs and handles. There are plenty of options and finishes for adding the modern tone to your doors and cabinets. You can consider adding the modern touch by choosing from a diverse range of finishes including shiny stainless, aged copper, brushed nickel, bronze, etc. You can add a fresh look to your cabinets, cupboards, and doors by choosing sleek to quirky pulls and knobs. It is also wise to paint the drawer fronts in different colors to provide it a fresh appeal.


  1. Change the Layout of your Furniture: You can consider transforming the look of your home by simply reorganizing the way your furniture is positioned in your living room and bedroom. It is wise to take a day or two to see how your furniture can be re-positioned to add the new look and feel to your home. You will be amazed by the endless possibilities of re-positioning your furniture to add a whole new effect to the room and enhance the mood, look and feel of the space. Re-arranging the furniture will bring a big difference to the look of the room while also saving space.


  1. Go with the Dipped Furniture Look/Paint your Furniture: You can transform the look and feel of your home by giving your furniture a ‘makeover’. It is wise to paint/re-paint chairs and tables to give them a fresh look. Consider painting the whole item or only small sections of it to completely transform the look of your furniture that will serve to change the look and feel of your home. You can consider painting the backs of the bookshelves in accent colors to change its visual appeal. Another great option is to paint metal pieces and wood in striking shades to give the space a new lease of life.


  1. Consider Opting Peel and Stick Papers: Peel and stick wallpapers or patterned contact papers are one of the great ways of going your furniture and home a fresh look. You can consider decorating your cabinets, cupboards, tables, and shelves with peel and stick wallpapers in different textures, colors and patterns to add a whole new effect to your space. All you need to do is to trim the wallpaper down to dimensions that will cover the surface and apply it to the surface by peeling off the paper backing.


  1. Consider Taping your Furniture: Taping your furniture serves as a great option for changing the look and feel of your home. It is wise to decorate your cupboards and almirahs with duct tapes, washi tapes and removable vinyl strands in different colors and patterns to add color and style to your furnishings. Taping is a great option to temporarily transform the look of your cupboards since it can be removed with ease to restore the dresser to its original look.


  1. New Covers for the Sofa and Chairs: One of the best ways to change the look of your sofa and armchairs is to use change the sofa, cushion, and pillow covers. Consider opting for warm and bright colored sofa and cushion covers using white, grey or black backgrounds. Alternatively, you can consider opting cushion covers, pillow covers and rugs in neutral tones and patterns to keep them muted.


  1. Replace Furniture Legs: One of the interesting ways of adding a fresh look to your furniture is to replace the legs of your furniture with modern and stylish ones. You can consider opting furniture legs in different shapes, colors, types, and styles to change the look and feel of your home.


  1. Camouflage your Furniture: Tired of the boring and worn out upholstery and armchairs. One of the best ways to add a modern tone to your space and change its look is to drape your furniture with a beautiful throw or blanket in different patterns and colors that will give it a sumptuous appeal. You can consider opting extra large blankets, weighty, thick fabrics and throws in different textures to add a modern tone to space. Consider combining patterned quilts, knitted blankets, animal skins and patchwork throws to add a deep, sumptuous feel to your space.


  1. Update the Headboard: Bedroom is one of the most overlooked spaces in a house and one of the best ways to enrich the look and feel of your space is building your own headboard or transforming the look of your headboard. You can consider designing a headboard by using a combination of plywood, upholstery foam, a drop cloth and silver nail trim. Further, you can renovate an existing headboard by draping a length of patterned fabric over it and tucking it beneath the mattress or using a staple gun to hold the fabric in place.


  1. Add Nailhead Trim to Furniture: Nailhead trims and upholstery nails are definitely one of the best ways to class up furniture and give them a modern look. Nailhead trims can be tapped into the wood/fabric with a small hammer and some elbow grease. You have the option to arrange the nails side-by-side, spaced apart or get creative and create intricate patterns. Nailhead trims serve as one of the innovative ways to add a modern tone to your furniture.


  1. Replace the Seats of your Dining Chairs: One of the best ways to give your furniture a complete makeover is to replace the seats of dining chairs with new covers in impressive patterns and colors.


  1. Use Spray Paints to create a Miracle: You can consider using copper spray paint to impart a funky new look to a classic wooden standard lamp.


  1. DIY furniture and Decor: You can consider creating furniture all by yourself that will help add a new look and feel to your space without spending any money. You can consider converting a washing machine drum into a coffee table that can be used to keep magazines.


  1. New Paint on the Walls: Painting your walls is one of the best ways to add a fresh look and appeal to your space. You can consider opting for a striking color combination to add vitality, beauty, and life to the space while enriching its look and feel. Consider painting your space with warm and bright colors and avoid going for dark colors since they depress the look and mood of the space. Alternatively, you can consider decorating the walls of your home with trendy wallpapers in different textures and patterns to add the modern tone to your space. Opt a color palette that goes well with your furniture and furnishings.

Conclusion: We hope that going through this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the best tips that can be used to transform your home without new furniture.

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